Gender YOUphoria: The Critical New Transgender Narrative

Gender YOUphoria is about one thing and one thing only: preparing to be happy.

We get to decide the story and the outcome of our lives. Gender transition is not different.

Ultimately, we often lose sight of why we are even transitioning in the first place.

Is it because we hate our bodies or is it because something deep inside us is telling us when we get to express more of who we truly are we will be happy?

Whatever soil you use to nurture your plant will affect the flower.


Whatever you focus on expands in this Universe. 

If you go into gender transition focusing on dysphoria and hate for your body, you will see the ways in which that narrative trickles down into every area of your life and distorts the outcome you are seeking.

If you focus on expressing more of who you truly are out of love for yourself because you know you deserve to be happy, that too, will trickle out into every area of your life and tint the outcome in your favor.

Your intention on this journey matters. And you can shift your intention and narrative at any point. The power lies in your hand.

It doesn’t mean ignoring the emotional pain or relationship you might have with your body for some fake “happy-go-lucky” attitude from an inspirational poster. It is about taking your power back to not just transition but thrive in every area of your life. This is about getting the life you deserve by honoring the depth of all your emotions. Your emotions are telling you something. Your “negative” emotions, like dysphoria, are telling you there has to be a better way. Emotions like anger, sadness and frustration can be used as a push in the other direction. A catalyst. But beyond that we can transform the pain into fuel by knowing deep within us we set out on this journey to feel a different way: to feel happier and more at peace.

The focus and long intention has to be a narrative more transformative than Gender Dysphoria. If the outcome we seek is to reach a state of aligning not only our body, but our mind, our heart, emotions, our spirit and internal sense of self we have to claim a new narrative like Gender YOUphoria.

I believe in honoring the darkness and light within each of use. Gender Dysphoria can be the catalyst but the Gender YOUphoria is the North Star pointing us to the horizon.